St Nicholas of Myra

St Nicholas 2008

Saint Nicholas of Myra with our pastor, Fr. Michael (photocredit: Sherrie Turchyn)

We had a visit with Saint Nicholas of Myra after the second Divine Liturgy on December 7, 2008. He greeted us all and spent some extra time with the children. Saint Nick gave a small testimony of his life and his witness for Christ, and asked us all to do the same. He also asked us to remember in our prayers all priests in their ministries and asked special prayers for our former Pope, John Paul II.

Special thanks to Pratts Wholesale for the treats for the day, to Richard Grunsten for organizing the day, and to Lillian Deptuch and Elaine Bowman (and others) for the overseeing of the kitchen.

Click here to see a photo album of Saint Nicholas’ visit.


Forensic reconstruction of St Nicholas of Myra

And here is an interesting blog entry from a year ago – a facial reconstruction using forensic science of St Nicholas of Myra based upon his relics – including a mended broken nose perhaps (as noted by the author) broken by Arius at the First Council at Nicaea (so much for the gentle jelly-belly St. Nick!)

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