West vs. East

Two Different Traditions
~ One Catholic Church ~

Western Church Today

In the Roman Catholic Church, the priest faces the congregation from across the altar. The significance behind this is that everyone is gathering around the Lord’s table.

Church buildings and services in the Western church use things from present day and everyday life. They like things new and modern and use them in their worship too.

Prayers are kept simple, and are not repeated. Great care is taken to give the whole text of the service in programs or missalettes, so that the mind can grasp things clearly.

Eastern Church Today

In the Eastern Catholic Churches, the priests face the East, towards the altar along with the congregation. The significance behind this, is that our clergy who are our spiritual leaders, are leading us, the faithful, to the Heavenly Liturgy in God’s Kingdom.

Our church buildings and our services use things that are from everyday life that have been used for centuries. We like to use things that have been passed down from our ancestors.

Prayers in our church are repeated and sung. There is a lot of movement and all the senses are used to get the whole self (mind and body) involved in worshipping God.